Trainee Program


About the Ekklesia Trainee Program

Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet’s Trainee Program provides its constituents with performing opportunities and further training with Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet.

At the end of each season, Dancers are evaluated and presented with one of the following opportunities:

1.      Invitation to continue with Ekklesia as a Trainee

2.      Promotion to Apprentice with Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet

3.      Released from the Company and encouraged to pursue other professional dance/ministry opportunities.

Technique classes are taught by Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet Artistic Director, Elisa Schroth in addition to other faculty and Guest Instructors. The weekly training schedule is identical to that of Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet with 4 additional evening classes per week at Christian Academy of Dance. Trainees will also participate in Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet rehearsals and may be asked to tour with Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet on an as needed basis. Touring with ECB is by invitation only and at the discretion of the Artistic Director.



Full membership fee is $3,700.00. Checks should be made out to Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet and may be mailed to our office, or credit card information can be provided over the phone. Fees can be paid in ten monthly installments using a credit card, a $5.00 monthly processing fee will be added. A registration fee of $75.00, wardrobe fee of $80.00 and first monthly payment will be charged at time of registration, with subsequent payments automatically charged on the first of every month. 

There are no refunds or exchanges.


Late Fees

A late fee of $10.00 will be charged on the 15th day past the due date of your payment plan.  Delinquent Status: If your account is 30 days past the due date, it will be put in delinquent status.  The dancer will not be allowed to return to class or register for future semesters until the account is current. All accounts must be paid in order to participate in all Performances.

A fee will be charged for all returned checks, $20.00 per check, per return.



Applicants must be 18 years of age and have completed High School by September 1st of the year they would join the company.

Applicants must submit a completed Application packet.

Prior to the start of the season, Dancers must submit completed and signed forms, all required payments and signed adherence and liability forms.


Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet reserves the right to adjust and amend all aforementioned rules and requirements, at its discretion, in circumstances it deems unique or extra-ordinary.


Calendar & Holidays

Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet’s 2016-2017 Season runs July 25, 2017-June 11. 2018

Dancers observe standard holidays, including Thanksgiving (Wednesday-Friday), Christmas (two weeks), and Easter (Friday-Monday)

ECB Trainees are not permitted to schedule vacations, or have any absences related to pursuing other interests or activities during the course of this agreement

ECB Trainees must seek approval of the Artistic Director before engaging or committing to any performance opportunitites not associated directly with ECB

ECB Trainees should be actively participating in weekly services at a local Christian church




All ECB Trainees are required to participate in Living Rock Church’s annual Christmas production, Ahavah, and all rehearsals

ECB Trainees may be invited to tour with Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet (Invitations are at the discretion of the Artistic Director)

ECB Trainees are encouraged to participate in Project Dance New York with Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet. Participants will perform with the main Company. ECB Trainees are responsible for Project Dance registration, housing and travel expenses.

ECB Trainees may have the opportunity to perform in schools, festivals, nursing homes, and churches.

Bookings and Performances TBD



 Dress Code

ECB Company Artists, Apprentices and Trainees are permitted to dress for class and rehearsal as is fitting to a Professional Ballet Company. All ECB Company Artists, Apprentices and Trainees are asked to use careful discernment in making choices as to their attire for classes and rehearsals. Modesty is expected. All final decisions pertaining to all ECB Dancer’s attire are at the discretion of the Artistic Director.



Training Included

Free Workshops

Exposure to professional choreography

Performance opportunities

Ministry opportunities

Travel opportunities

Potential teaching opportunities