Ekklesia Summer Dance Intensive

July 29 - August 4, 2018


Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet's Summer Dance Intensive offers students and professionals the highest caliber of classical ballet training, in a nurturing environment, augmented by a rich diversity of classes including modern, choreography, pas de deux, Pilates, contemporary and repertoire.




Intensive Information

July 30 - August 4, 2017 9:00am-5:00pm with a performance at 6:00pm August 4.




Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet is located at

Living Rock Church of Killingworth

138 Route 81

Killingworth, CT 06419







  1. Must be at least 13 years old.
  2. Female applicants must have a minimum of 3 consecutive years of ballet training and 1 year of pointe since the age of 8.
  3. Male applicants must have a minimum of 2 years of ballet training
  4. All applicants must be currently be in dance training and be able to dance four to five hours daily, six days a week




New and returning students are required to submit:

  1. The following forms may be submitted online or printed and submitted by mail or in person:
    • Application/Registration form [ print ]
    • Housing Request form (out of town participants only) [ print ]
    • Medical Permission form [ print ]
  2. Non-refundable Registration Fee $50.00
  3. A clear, unobstructed first arabesque profile en pointe for ladies, demi-pointe for men. Leotard and tights only, no skirts or costumes, please.  No larger than 5" x 7".  Please email to artisticdirector@ekklesiacontemporaryballet.com in jpg format 



Abbey crouch

A performance is held at the end of the 1-week Intensive; it is a time where all students participate in presenting Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet repertory learned during the Intensive.

The performance will be held at Living Rock Church at 6:30pm on Saturday, August 8th. Family and friends are invited to join us!  The performance is free of charge.



Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet provides housing for out of town Summer Dance Intensive (SDI) participants. Living Rock Church assists in coordinating these Host Homes. Most host homes are approximately 5-10 miles from Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet Studios.

Living Rock Church families will be occupying the home along with the students to provide a safe, friendly environment for all residents.

SDI participants are required to bring their own personal toiletries.

All meals will be provided by the host home.


Local Students

Local students are invited to attend all SDI activities including morning devotions, evening activities and Bible studies. SDI extra curricular activities (excluding dance classes) are not required for local participants. Local students should bring sack lunches, snacks and plenty of water with them every day of the Intensive.


Sh:J arabesque wall



(All checks should be made out to Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet)

Non-refundable Registration Fee $50.00



Room & Board        Registration               Tuition              Total

    $150.00                $50.00                  $375.00           $575.00 


Registration              Tuition                Total 

  $50.00                  $375.00            $425.00


Payment Schedule and Information

1. Registration is available as long as space is available.

2. No refunds will be issued if we do not receive cancellation notification by the Thursday preceding the start of the Intensive. 

3. There will be a charge of $25 for all returned checks.

4. All monies must be paid by July 30, 2018. 

5. Payment may be paid by check or through PayPal.

6. ALL fees must be paid in U.S. dollars. 


Dress Code

  • Females: Black leotard (no camisole leotards), pink full-length tights and pink ballet or pointe shoes.
  • Males: White t-shirts, black leggings or black bike shorts, and black or white ballet shoes with matching socks.


Spiritual Life

At Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet, our aim is to “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.” Matthew 6:33 We pursue this at our Summer Intensive by beginning each day with a chapel/devotional time and an opportunity to hear personal testimonies from Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet staff and professional company members. We have a worship service on Sundays at Living Rock Church lead by Senior Pastor, Ryan Young. We do not take students off site to services at various local churches.i-qN8xShh-MEkklesia Contemporary Ballet is an inter-denominational ministry. Our members attend a variety of churches including Presbyterian, Baptist, and non-denominational. It is our policy not to favor one denomination over another, but rather to respect one another's preference of worship and to celebrate our shared faith in Christ.  





Is an audition required? 

  • No audition is necessary.

What requirements are there for the pictures due with the Application?

  • A clear, unobstructed first arabesque profile en pointe for ladies, demi-pointe for men. Leotard and tights only, no skirts or costumes, please. Professional photo not necessary. No larger than 5" x 7". Two headshot photos (may be the same picture and does not have to be professional).

How will I know if my Application/Registration Form has been received?

  • Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet will send you a confirmation email upon the receipt of your Registration Form. Please make sure to clearly print a current/valid email address on any forms sent to our office.

Is there a dress code for the Summer Dance Intensive?

  • Yes, there is a dress code. Girls should wear pink full-length tights and black leotards (no camisole leotards) with pink ballet or pointe shoes. Boys should wear white t-shirts, black leggings, black bike shorts, and black or white socks with matching ballet shoes.  

How do I make a tuition payment?

  • Your $50 registration fee is due with your registration.  All payments must be made in full by July 31, 2017.  You may by cash, check, or through PayPal.

Send checks to: Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet, 138 Route 81, Killingworth, CT. 06419 (All checks should be made out to Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet.)


What is the daily schedule like at Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet’s Summer Dance Intensive?

Sample Daily Schedule


Breakfast at host home (for out of town participants)




Ballet Technique Class


Pointe Technique/Pas de duex/Variations/Contemporary/Modern/Pilates




Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet Repertory




Bible study/ECB Performance/Student Performance

*Each student is given a day-by-day schedule at orientation

on Monday, July 31, 2017.


What kind of housing is provided?

  • Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet Summer Dance Intensive out of town participants are housed with families of Living Rock Church.

Is living in host homes required for the Summer Dance Intensive?

  • No. Students may stay with friends or family in the area.  However, all out of town students are required to attend all activities, including morning chapel and evening activities (such as Bible Studies, performances, and group times). Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet does not supervise housing arrangement of students staying with friends and family in the area.

Are there classes on Saturday?

  • Yes, classes will be held on Saturday. 

How many pairs of pointe shoes should a dancer bring to the summer intensive?

  • The number of pointe shoes needed for the Summer Dance Intensive depends on several factors: the strength of the dancer’s feet, the brand of shoe, how often shoes are to be worn and humidity. Participants will be on pointe at least 3 days a week, if not more, in moderately humid weather. It is recommended that Dancers bring a minimum of two pair of pointe shoes with them for the week long Intensive.

Is there a performance at the end of the Summer Dance Intensive?

  • Yes, there is a performance at the end of the Intensive. The performance will be held at Living Rock Church at 6:00pm on Saturday, August 5, 2017.  Family and friends are invited to join us!  The performance is free of charge.

How do I register?

CONTACT Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet 138 Rte. 81 Killingworth, CT. 06419 artisticdirector@ekklesiacontemporaryballet.com 860.663.2069 ekklesiacontemporaryballet.com