Video Auditions 

•Please send a link via email to artisticdirector@ekklesiacontemporaryballet.com or mail a DVD to Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet, 138 Route 81, Killingworth, CT. 06419.

•All dancers must submit a completed application form, required photos, letter of recommendation and audition fee in addition to the audition video. Please refer to the application check list in the downloadable application packet.


Printable Application Form


Any other type of video except for the aforementioned will not be accepted. The audition video provides the Artistic Director and Artistic Staff of Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet with the necessary information needed to make an informed decision regarding the applicant.  All applicants will be notified of their standing within two weeks of completed application.


1. Introduction: State your name, age, and city and state you are from.

2. Ballet technique class: Please record barre work from the side and center work from the front.



•Battement Tendu

•Battement Dégagé

•Rond de jambe


•Grand Battement



•Center Practice: including Battement Tendu and Pirouette en-dehors


•Balancé exercise with Pirouette en-dedans



•Petite allegro with Battu

•Medium allegro with Sissonne

•Grand allegro with Entrelacé and grand jeté



•Échappé with pirouette en-dehors

•Piqué posé exercise including piqué retiré and piqué arabesque

•Piqué turns with tours chaînés déboulés


  3. Classical variation:

•Female applicants, en pointe

•Male applicants, standard classical ballet shoes